The Hidden Meaning in Logos and What They Signify (2)



Some very famous and very simple logos have a hidden meaning. Here are some of them.
Mira Foundation: The blind person’s eyes are drawn by two spots in the shape of dogs.
Amazon: The yellow arrow goes from A to Z to signify that at Amazon you can find everything. And the arrow is in the shape of a smile.
Hotmail: The Hotmail logo is very simple and it’s rather the name itself that is interesting. It was specially chosen so that you will find, in the correct order, all the letters of the HTML programming language. Thus we have HoTMaiL! !
BMW: The logo represents the two blades of an airplane propeller on a sky blue background. That is because the company contributed to the manufacture of airplane engines during WWII.
Tostitos: The hidden meaning is in the letters t-i-t. Two people are sharing a bowl of … Tostitos.
Le Tour de France: You can see a cyclist in the letters o-u-r in the word Tour. The front wheel is represented by the yellow-orange circle.
LG: First of all there is a man in the letters L and G. Next, there is another signification. If you turn the logo to the right and go up the L, you can find the famous PacMan. However, the origins of this Pacman have not been confirmed.
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