Six Tips to Get More "Likes" on Your Pictures

The visual marketing agency Curalate think they have put the finger on why a picture is « liked » or not on social networks. By analyzing some thirty characteristics for hundreds of pictures, the agency has brought out six main elements that influence a picture’s potential to get « likes ». Here are the six factors:

  1. An image with a dominant color gets 17% more « likes ».
  2. An image that has blue as the dominant color gets 24% more « likes » than one in which the dominant color is red.
  3. A bright image gets 24% more « likes » than dark images.
  4. An image with a low saturation level gets 18% more « likes » than one with very bright colors (high saturation).
  5. An image that has a (slightly blurrier) background gets 29% more « likes » than one with no background or a poorly-defined background. 
  6. An image that has texture gets 79% more « likes » than one with no texture.

 Will you be paying attention, when you next share pictures?


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