Seven Strange Laws in the United States

Just on the humorous side, here are a few laws still on the books today in the USA. Naturally, most of them are not being strictly enforced by the police.

  1. In Indiana, the official value for π (pi) is 4 and not 3,1415…
  2. In North Carolina, it is illegal to sing out of key.
  3. If a person is judged to be guilty of having stolen a bar of soap in Arizona, they have to wash with that soap until the bar is completely used up.
  4. In Texas, it is illegal to sell your eyes.
  5. Inn Idaho, it is illegal for a man to give his girlfriend a box of chocolate that weighs more than 50 pounds (~ 22 kg).
  6. In Ohio, it is illegal to make a fish drunk.
  7. In Tennessee, it is illegal for a woman to drive unless a man has waved a red flag for her to start.

Please note that these days the last law (#7) is not enforced at all!


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