The Hidden Meaning in Logos and What They Signify

Logo et signification

Logo et signification

Several well known and very simple logos have hidden symbols and meanings. Have you ever noticed this?
Vaio de Sony: The V and the A represent a sinusoidal wave while the I and the O represent the 1 and the 0 in computer programming.
Fedex: There is an arrow between the E and the X.
Toblerone: A bear (emblem of Bern, the company headquarters) is standing on its hind legs in the brown and white image of the Matterhorn.
Audi: the four circles represent the four firms that joined forces to create the Audi corporation.
Baskin Robins: The BR Logo is designed so that the pink parts show the number 31, for the 31 original flavors.
Via Rail Canada: The yellow letters represent at railroad track.
And now let’s go to the second part of the hidden meaning in logos and what they signify!  


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